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and watch sandy, watch us. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show. be safe, everyone. have a great day. sandy strengthens and targets a paralyzed east coast right now. you have new york city basically shut down. coastal areas in new jersey, maryland, virginia, preparing for the worst. this is a massive, massive storm. and it could truly affect people from maine all the way down to north carolina. as far west as the great lakes. that is 900 miles from coast to coast. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum, here in "america's newsroom". bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning of live today from cincinnati, ohio. it is the critical battleground state in the race for the white house only eight days away. sandy making her presence known on the trail. president obama canceling an hour ago a trip he planned to orlando, florida. he will monitor the storm in the white house. the romney team dropping fund-raising e-mails up and down the east coast. over the next two hours we will talk to the voters of this critical state, especially in the southwestern part of the state and talk about why
>> steve: these are some of the images that depict sandy. if you would like to share some yours with us, send them to us at youreport at fox >> brian: we'll have the latest coverage, keep it here. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. stay tuned for the after the show show taking place right after this show is done. tied is hitting death toll is 16 people. rescuers trying to find people in their homes. no doubt they're out there. millions of people are in the dark. sandy is not done yet. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. bill: martha, good w good morning to you, martha i'm bill hemmer. we're in columbus, ohio. what a swing this made for this election. a couple miles from here. snow slamming central ohio. east and west virgina there is a blizzard warning covering a large part of that state. in parts a foot and even two feet of snow dropping in west virginia. martha: incredible pictures. back here in new york everybody is waking up to the devastation left behind by hurricane sandy. let me tell you something, it is epic. trees and power lines cras
, everywhere up and down the east coast, lingering effects of sandy is making live missable for millions. new jersey, new york, and so many other countless towns on the east coast adjusting their lives by the hour. first in the garden state, the cleanup continues. millions trying to deal with another day of no power. check this out. lower manhattan, mouth of battery tunnel. mass transit starting to come back online. if you look at the picture you realize it will be a good amounted of time until things get back to normal. this is the new normal. i'm bill hemmer. five days until america votes. welcome to "america's newsroom.". martha: what a combination of things. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. no power and gasoline is becoming a big issue in the manhattan area. people are starting to lose their patience. here is picture of the george washington bridge this morning. incoming bridge, tunnels, cars are lined up for miles. there are restrictions. you have to have three people in order to get into some ways into the city. everybody worried about running out of gas. how much gas have
quickly right now in new york and new jersey. in the aftermath of hurricane sandy drivers that can actually find an open gas station have to deal with lines that stretch for miles and miles and sometimes, when they finally get to that gas station, they run out of gas. so you've got folks sitting in those lines and you've got gas in the storage tanks and in the pipelines and in the tankers across the northeast but in many cases the company can not, for power reasons, get that gasoline distributed to the places where it needs to go. 60% of the gas stations in new jersey are closed. i also heard numbers as high as 80%. 70% of the stations in long island are closed. think about that. that's a huge percentage of the gas stations in both of these highly populated states that are not even open for business. so it is a really, really tough situation out there. for those lucky enough to get to the pump, actually paying for their gas is another concern. >> i just spent $30,000 getting my home repaired and it is all gone. >> we have nothing. no credit cards. nothing in our bank accounts. $15
literally covers the runways. so far airlines canceled more than 18,000 flights because of sandy. flights are starting to move out of the new york area. jfk and liberty airports will be open today for a bit of limited service. you have to remember too the international service. we were trying to get home from ohio. we're like millions and millions of people stacked up across the country. had to drive last night. beautiful drive. 7 hours and 50 minutes from columbus, ohio. martha: that is very good time. bill: thank you, officer. all jokes aside. you driving through the storm you feel cold weather generating from the storm. you move into pa and get all the snow in the southern part of the state. i mentioned to rick leventhal, you cross the border into new jersey it is dark. there is nothing open. martha: hopefully to get to here from where you were, it's a drive. so for the first time now, since before sandy hit, governor mitt romney is back on a full campaign schedule this morning on this wednesday. he is heading to one of the biggest battleground states with several events planned across
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)